Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Philly Project

Thx to Brian, Aaron, Sky, Ty, timbomb, Nick, Carl, Casey ,and Quiggz

I arrived at Penns Landing @ 10 a.m. parked, and walked to my starting spot. It took me a good hour to get to my spot (I'm glad I got there early). I decided to get something to eat so I grabbed some oatmeal from a small restaurant across the street from Rittenhouse Square. I grabbed my oatmeal to go and walked to the square. It was a nice day so I chilled and enjoyed my oatmeal. It was pretty crowded and there were kids playing in the empty fountain running jumping, and climbing (training w/o thinking). Post oatmeal I started to warm up by taking a lap around the square and my usual stretches and warm-up routine. A few cranes, cats, and precisions later I saw Gabe"Sky"Arnold with two of his fellow Rowan University Parkour Club members running into the park. Gabe tagged off, we got a pic, and I was off the the Kimmel Center.

Rittenhouse to Kimmel Center was pretty much uneventful except for a few low gates in front of restaurants which I could've hurdled, but chose to keep it a direct. Someone started revving their engine unneccesarily and everyone turned their heads, but couldn't find a car that looked like it had a decent sounding engine. I arrived at Kimmel center and looked for Ty and timbomb( I had no idea what they looked like) so I looked for some people ready to run. Timbomb spotted me and ran over, Ty was nowhere in sight, I got a passerby to take our pic and tim was off. I followed him because my leg was mad short and wanted to cover some decent distance.

Timbomb took off and I was about half a block behind for most of his leg. Running around people was the bulk of obstacle avoidance for me this leg. I caught up to timbomb as he was arriving at City Hall. "Where' s Casey"? Shoulder shrug was the response. "You go that way and I'll go this way". We each took off in opposite directions around City Hall. I went half way around with no luck and decided to cut through, still nothing. There was a group outside the inner sanctum of City Hall celebrating women's day. I turned and jogged around the corner and saw timbomb then Casey. "Did you get the pic"? "Yeah" said timbobmb I thanked him for participating, said "meet you at the finish", and ran with Casey on one of his legs to Franklin Square Park Fountain. We started off running down the middle of the street on an island. We headed down an alley way and down a seedy looking street. We ended up running through a development were there was a lady looking at us like, what are they running from? Finally a little bit of action, we came up to a fence then noticed a six and a half foot wall that we climbed.

We then crossed over the road right before the vine street expressway and made our way to Franklin Square Park Fountain. I took Casey's pic then he took off to the Liberty Bell Center. I opted to not go because we ran pretty fast and I wanted to cruise. On the way to the finish I saw Casey, Brian, and Aaron making there way to the finish. I ran with them all the way to the finish spot. I took pictures of the finishers then we started doing some light training until everyone showed up at the finish. We were lucky enough to get all the runners in the group shot,(top of page) there were some tourists looking at local sites. Then we all started to make our way across Penn Landing. Precisions, "flow" work, balancing, wallruns happended on the way to the "Greatest Game of Tag Ever"!! The group split up after tag, I had to go home and study, the philly locals got some food, and Gabe, Nick, and Carl from Rowan hit the museum.

Thx Philly!!