Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 Days of Moving

No I'm not talking about PKNY I am talking about moving my junk out of my condo. This past weekend I moved ALL of my stuff out of my place. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday was spent bagging, boxing, throwing away, throwing away, throwing away(sorry needle was stuck)and cleaning. Wawa was my main food source these days. Each day my place became bigger and bigger (not really, just less crap around). I was focused through the days and exhausted at night. I had no time to train on these days so I had to just blaze through. Saturday; I took apart my bed, cleaned out my fridge, and cleaned the kitchen. My South Jersey Parkour homey Gabe helped me move my bed, multiple boxes, an old carpet, and some trash. Sunday; I cleaned my bathroom, bagged a lot of my stuff, vacuumed, dusted, and made multiple runs to my grandmothers. Monday; fixed up my big closet and got the last of the junk out as my tenant arrived. I took a ride to the real estate office to get my money then went to my new home to take a nap. I received a call later on from my tenant saying that I forgot to empty my freezer, and dishwasher (at least the dishes were clean). I left my vacuum, lamp, and a big mirror which I still have to pickup.

Now that I am done with that I'll be hitting the gym, road, and environment big time.


-your fitness is measured on the days you don't train

-Wawa food is ok (once in a while)

-watching a rerun of the NBA finals at 1am priceless