Friday, April 10, 2009

Baby Cow

I recently went for a run, nothing new about going for a run for me, this day however was different. I was feeling pretty good and thought to myself I'm going to run just on the balls of my feet today. It was simple as that I started off thinking hey this isn't so bad. I felt like a fairy with every step I took, pointing my toes and bringing my knees higher than I usually do. I got about two miles into it when it hit me. I could feel my calves tightening up so I relaxed and proceeded to run using my whole foot. It felt so much easier to do so I went with that form for about another half-mile and thought "This is easy I gotta go back on the balls". So I did and the tightness came back. It didn't hurt it was just at that line really feeling my soleus being worked. I remained with this pace the rest of the way only switching back to full foot running once again. I was feeling the tightness and the burn but it was good because I haven't pushed myself like that in a while.

I got home showered ate and started to study for my test I had that week. Forty minutes later I got up to get a snack and almost fell to the ground. I had overworked my calves and my own body weight was almost too much. I am writing this blog three days after this run and I still feel sore, not as bad though. I proceeded to walk around my place, school, and work like an old timer. Going down steps was murder. I am constantly stretching and figure the muscle will loosen up soon. Tomorrow the tightness alleviated and I went back to my flabby calf self.

Lesson Learned

-Push yourself, but know when to pull yourself back.

-that good feeling you have training, might be replaced by tightness and soreness the next few days