Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm Back

Hello everybody, Hi Dr. Nick.

I haven't written in this blog for long time mainly because I have very limited access to the internet at work. While I've been through alot of life since last blogged I will share my biggest happening. I finally realized the source of my pain it is my current job. It is a good job, but it is a stagnnent one. It offers no real growth or augmentation. I realized I've only stayed there because I have some serious bills I need to pay.

To quote Jack Nicholson from the original BATMAN "Bob, Gun". Whoops wrong quote. "I have found a name for my pain and it is the Batman".

That might not be the exact words but my point is my bills keep my employed, so what I've decided to do is quit. First I will get rid of my biggest bill which is my condo. That will allow me to live for less, meaning I'll be able to work less to pay expenses that are not as high. I've been able to save some coin which will allow me to work part time, pay current rent, and go back to school. This will be a big move for me and yes it is kinda scary but I'd rather be scared then let mold grow on me.

lesson learned; Your never done improving, don't anything hold you back, even comfort.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Death of 6

This is not a commercial for the 6th installment of my 2nd favorite movie. It is what I thought a clever pic for the title and reason for this post. For the past 4-5 months I have ran a 6 mile route. Today is the last day I ran it so this is the death of 6.

It starts at my new apartment, halfway point is the old apartment I stayed in for about a month during the summer and then head back to the new spot. It is the most diverse route I think I've ever ran in my life.

The first mile consists of running through clamp corners a.k.a. the development made to look like a neighborhood I currently reside. It consist of trees, neighbors I don't know, and dog poop bags.

The second mile starts at borders (Having a borders a mile from my house, WHAT!!!) and continues behind the local mall on a hidden street I never knew was there. This hidden street is between the mall parking lot and the abandoned race course. This one year at the race course, there was a big flea market, at the race course and I found the best hoody....sorry off topic rambling. The street leads to a runoff pond that forces me to run up a small hill and into the parking lot. I continue in the parking lot behind the stuck up gymnastics facility :P and then head up the next street in the grass filled median. There is no sidewalk so the median is the way to go.

The third mile consists of a bus station, wal-mart across the street, a slight increase in elevation, and running through the old development. This is pretty uneventful and unexciting. Miles 4,5, and 6 are the same as 1,2, and 3 just backwards. This route has been very good to me and I will miss it very much ,sniff. It is time to let go and say goodbye. Thank you for helping me keep up my endurance, and not being a slow boring route. Goodbye 6

Its OK to Cry...sob

-lessons learned

New route equal new information about self and environment

Stick with it, learn your route, hit it hard.

Don't sprint down a grassy hill unless your sure it is completely dry.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Sorry for the long delay but life has been a lil crazy. As far as my new and improved workout it consists of two mandatory days of rest (b/c of school) and a new 1/2 hour to 45 minute high intensity workout, running 6 miles 2x a week, and hitting the weights The HI workout (consists of 30 step sprints x 10, 100 step QM X 4, 10 static to kinetic vertical jumps X 5, 5 handstand attempts and maintain for 10 sec from froggy position. My initial session was able to get through each exercise with little fatigue, however every session after I've only been able to get through 3 of the four exercises w/0 feelings loopy. I attribute this to my change in schedule. I still feel a lil blah but not as much.

I'm going to go with this change for another month or so and change up. Might work on increasing sprint endurance.


-gotta change it up

-going from 6 days to 4 and a half sucks

-backyards are great!

Friday, August 21, 2009


Last couple of weeks have been kinda blahhh. I'm not as hype about going to the gym, My running is there but I just feel I don't know blahhh. I initially thought it was a small change in my diet, that might be it but I'm not so sure. I think I'm going to change my routine up, yeah change is good. I've been watching alot of old youtube stuff NBA, NFL, and track and field clips lately and kinda feel like I want to "leave it on the field". What I mean is instead of going slow and steady I'm going to step it up a notch @ the gym and running.
I'm going to utilize my new...

backyard,(10 runs of 30 step sprinting, 4 sets of 100 step qm, 5 sets of 10 static plyo jumps, 5 sets of 10 lateral pushups, 5 sets of 20 step lunges, and 5 sets of 5 rep handstand pushups)

pool (sprints and laps)

basketball (100 freethrows 5 pushups for all missed ones, shooting, handles, jumping, running drills), and the weekly football catch with the next gen.

I probably won't do all of these in one week but I will write a part two to this post and report on the progress and if there has been any changes to my blahhness.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Train

Ever since I moved into my girlfriends place I have been able to get scheduled training time (running, gym, and techs). I have been putting in about 8 miles a week, made improvements in the gym (gained about 5-7 lbs), techs are smoother then ever and I started swimming a couple times a week. I also got an A in my med term class. I feel this is the balance I have been looking for. Nothing exciting has happened just happy to have constant training over a long period of time. I will soon be moving again and will lose a couple days of training but I'll be pushing it until that time.

Some mornings I wake up exhausted because I've been on a constant cycle, other days I wake up and I'm out of the door with the wind trying to catch me. My runs and gym days are done without haste are more relaxing then stressing. When I tech train I feel the weight I gained but at the same time feel more in control. I don't swim as long as I run or work out but even a couple laps are great and I feel real amphibious afterwards. I caught up with some of my NYParkour heads last weekend and spent the whole day light training and played some killer capture the flag in BK that night. I was refueling every few hours to make sure I could keep going and keep up with the youngsters. I DID!! I attribute that to my constant training.

Lessons Learned

-Catch the summer train everyday (even in fall, winter, and spring).

-Alot recovery time after each train ride.

-NYPK all day CTF BK all night


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 Days of Moving

No I'm not talking about PKNY I am talking about moving my junk out of my condo. This past weekend I moved ALL of my stuff out of my place. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday was spent bagging, boxing, throwing away, throwing away, throwing away(sorry needle was stuck)and cleaning. Wawa was my main food source these days. Each day my place became bigger and bigger (not really, just less crap around). I was focused through the days and exhausted at night. I had no time to train on these days so I had to just blaze through. Saturday; I took apart my bed, cleaned out my fridge, and cleaned the kitchen. My South Jersey Parkour homey Gabe helped me move my bed, multiple boxes, an old carpet, and some trash. Sunday; I cleaned my bathroom, bagged a lot of my stuff, vacuumed, dusted, and made multiple runs to my grandmothers. Monday; fixed up my big closet and got the last of the junk out as my tenant arrived. I took a ride to the real estate office to get my money then went to my new home to take a nap. I received a call later on from my tenant saying that I forgot to empty my freezer, and dishwasher (at least the dishes were clean). I left my vacuum, lamp, and a big mirror which I still have to pickup.

Now that I am done with that I'll be hitting the gym, road, and environment big time.


-your fitness is measured on the days you don't train

-Wawa food is ok (once in a while)

-watching a rerun of the NBA finals at 1am priceless

Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Schedule

This past winter and current spring have been pretty crazy, well no crazy is a better description. My regular workout schedule has slowly gone down the toilet. However I force myself to go to the gym and run without seeing improvement. I've seen a regression which sucks and doesn't help my stress level any. Now that classes are over for the semester I have a little more time and some new focus. I've already made the mistake of over doing it, but I couldn't help it I was having too much fun. Tech training in the am and then B-ball in the pm COME ON!!

By the stars I am a Taurus which means I'm stubborn(that can be both bad and good). Anyway what was reinforced is too relax, don't be so tight all the time, get your pace and everything falls into place. Here's to getting everything in w/o exploding.